Manju P. Jois ashtanga yoga therapy Teacher Training


This Year Manju is offering Ashtanga Yoga Therapy  workshop

The Yoga Teacher Training is recomanded for practicioners, ongoing teachers and Ashtanga Yoga teachers.

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Manju P. Jois Yoga Therapy Teacher Training OCTOBER 3. -7. 2017 –  OVERVIEW

This five-day training (@Ashtanga Yoga Vienna) will present the Ashtanga yoga series and traditions in their purest form, providing a rare and privileged opportunity for practitioners to learn about Ashtanga Yoga (Therapy) from a genuine Indian master. Manju Jois uses only the ancient practices, offering truly authentic guidance for all who wish to deepen Ashtanga practice and Ashtanga teaching.


5 DAYS WORKSHOP ON ASHTANGA YOGA THERAPY – Ashtanga tradition, Ayurveda & Yoga philosophy

Preliminary daily Yoga Therapy Teacher Training PROGRAM:

07.30 — 09.30 MYSORE

Each class will consist of self-practice where Manju will work closely with you giving safe adjustments. The begin of the Ashtanga Mysore Style practice will be arraged. Drop in is for those with etstablished Mysore practice possible.

10.00 — 11.00 Yoga Therapy — HANDS-ON TRAINING

After a break Manju demonstrates and comments the essential adjustments concerning the asana (All Series) and different students, as well theiir therapeuctic aspects — a lot of space to understand the “safe adjustment and therapy”.

11.00 — 12.00 PRACTICE

The students practice the adjustment under the supervision of Manju — he is giving suggestions, corrections and answers questions.

12.00 — 13.00 Yoga Therapy — PHILOSOPHY, PRANAYAMA, CHANTING

Finally Manju will lead the group through pranayama and mantra chanting. Manju will answer your questions here and we will have the chance to discuss those issues which occure in the course of the training.

By the end of the week, students should be able to present the therapeutic exercises among asana and pranayama in the traditional way (using Sanskrit commands) as well as teach some fundamental therapeutic asana among Ashtanga Series, Pranayama and Chants. A certificate of participation (European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga – Ashtanga Yoga Vienna) will be issued after the completion of the course.

Contact and Registration: Natasa Cvetkovic
Teaching Assistance. Natasa Cvetkovic

Manju has great knowledge and experience in the teaching of Ashtanga Yoga. Through his humor and his understanding of Western lifestyle and thinking Manju can establish the connection between the culture of the East and of the West in a simple way. His story of the migration of yoga to the West and its development has witnessed Manju. (It offers a special opportunity to ask questions for all audiences.) It is one of the few occasions to experience Manju P. Jois personally and to participate in the ensuing discussion.

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Manju Pattabhi Jois – Teacher Treaining – Registration-pdf

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About Manju P. Jois

Manju P. Jois is the oldest son of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the foremost authority on Ashtanga Yoga. For the last 56 years Manju has been continuously teaching the traditions of authentic Indian style throughout the world. He is teaching the powerful healing elements and techniques that make up the Ashtanga system, including a series of asanas (postures) known as The Primary Series or Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Healing), as well as Vedic peace chants (Shanthi Mantras). The students will benefit from the traditional system by using the original Sanskrit.

Manju P. Jois is an inspirational teacher, understanding the western humour and lifestyle and still teaching in traditional way. His Vedic Chants, Mudra and Pranayama teachings transform the practice of Asana. The teacher trainings offer space for many questions and answers.

Manju and his father Pattabhi Jois met the children of Flower Power in in 1974 in California. They gave many Yoga Demonstrations and spread the Yoga Spirit. Patthabi Jois returned soon to teach in India, where his students have been waiting for him. Manju decided to stay in US and continue teaching with the blessing of his father. The last 40 years of Yoga brought many Yoga Styles and Yoga Lifestyle, many of them are ashtanga vinyasa based. Manju continues his worldwide teaching in tradition of his teacher and father Pattahabi Jois.



PRICE: Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Workshop with Manju P. Jois (03. -07. 10.17)

5 days: 660€, early bird (till August 05. 2017) 610€

Mysore Class upon space available : 50€ / 40€*

Discount for students of Ashtanga Yoga Vienna one Year Teacher Training and of the 5 days Teacher Training workshop

The space is limited & reservations is made after the receipt of the full payment.

  • Workshop registration and details, Mysore and Led classes – please send an email to Natasa. Feel fee to download teacher training info.


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