Ashtanga Mysore Style Class

Mysore Style Class

Developing of the own Yoga practice in the group – Ashtanga Mysore. This class is open and all levels are welcome.

Ashtanga Mysore Style Practice is performed autonomously- i.e. the postures, the rythm of breath the beginning and duration are all determined by the practioner. The teacher supports the practioner by providing corrections adjustments and practical hints. Mysore style is the focus of our offering.

How the Name Mysore Style ?

The ashtanga mysore style is the traditional method of teaching introduced in the 1940s by Sri K Patthabi Jois in Mysore (South- india). In the mysore classes everyone is practicing his own rythm of breath. That makes it easier to develop one’s own individual yoga practice. One can join these classes up to 75 minutes after the beginning and start practicing. The duration and  the extend of ones practice is determinded by the practicioner. The teacher supports the practitioner while excercising (asanas etc.) and responds to the arising questions. The  main challenge is to stay focused on onself not to compare onself with others and to develop a autonomous yoga practice of one’ s own. Mysore style allows for practicioners of all levels of skill to practice together in a calm atmosphere and in harmony. It is an excellent way to learn ashtanga yoga and it promotes a self-determined yoga practice.

Intro to Mysore Style for Beginners

Beginners are very welcome. They start with a smaller set of yoga excercises (duration 30-50 minutes) further excercises are then added successively. The aim is to develop an autonomous practice that should be performed at least twice a week. The positice effects of the control of the rythm of breath the deepening of one’s body awareness and the excercise of patience attentiveness and regularity i.e. of ashtanga yoga, will unfold soon.
To advanced and experienced practicioners mysore style is of great importance to learn further ashtanga series. Questions can be asked any time in the mysore classes and it allows for the excercise of one’s individual sequence – Krama Yoga.

Mysore Style in  Led Priamry and Led Second Classes

Those who already know the series are welcome to practice mysore style in all led classes (except ashtanga guided on sunday). A prior reservation is necessary to  get a place.
In days of special effeteness bodily exhaustion as well as during menstruation and pregnancy it is recommended to attend the ashtanga basic classes. One’s practice should be adapted accordingly.

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