About our Yoga Educational Program in Vienna and e-yoga courses

The Astanga Yoga Vienna (c) online platform is supposed to complement your yoga lessons and should be read in connection with them. New material is added regularly, and all contents are continually updated and improved.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome! – Natasa

Supporting yoga e-learning platform

During the Workshops and Yoga Teacher Trainings, Ashtanga Yoga Vienna provides eLearning content and an online platform exclusively available to students. This pool of material is based on the original Ashtanga system, it includes guidelines on the postures themselves, definitions of elementary Sanskrit and Ayurveda terminology, advice on frequently occurring medical aspects, nutritional guidelines as well as pedagogic and therapeutic issues. In addition, and to assure a consistent quality standard in the interplay between theory & practice, we will create and share workshop material such as core moments of classes, photos and videos

European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga

European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga (EAAY) EAAY was established in 2016 to supply a high teaching quality in Ashtanga Yoga and uphold the tradition of long-term practice. Founded by Manju Pattabhi Jois in cooperation with Ashtanga teachers who had been personally authorized by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois or him, Yoga schools & teachers world-wide have joined in on the objective of exchanging information and experience related to the practice and philosophy of traditional Ashtanga Yoga.

Motivation of the founders

All Yoga is One. We wish to interconnect teachers, students & schools with the intent to keep Yoga teaching and Yoga practice valuable. For this purpose, we are trying to prepare all aspects together: teaching Yoga, pranayama, and chanting in parallel. In the EAAY, we dedicate ourselves to the originality of Yoga practice, we keep it the way it is – no changes, nothing – and the students & teachers follow a similar practice. So when somebody studies at the European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga, the teachers will convey all aspects together. That is why we decided to start it. – Manju Jois and Natasa Cvetkovic, Vienna 2016

  • Link: EAAY Group

Yoga calsses, workshops and educational program and e-Resource for recommendable practitioners offering Yoga individually within all situations, needs and requests. The aim of this resource is not to display a register of ‘qualified’ practitioners, rather it’s a more personal listing of those practitioners I would personally recommend.