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Ashtanga Yoga Intensive – Mysore & Led classes, workshops Second series & Adjustment

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training in Vienna with Natasa Cvetkovic 23.07.- 29.07.17 at Ashtanga Yoga Vienna .

Beginners are welcome!

Main teaching language is German and English.

About Ashtanga Yoga Intensive

Experience Ashtanga Yoga as much more than a set sequence of postures. Deepen
your understanding of the structure of this unique method and explore the broad
perspective of how this system fits into the larger teaching of Yoga

These 8 days Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Workshop with Natasa, authorized senior teacher in the tradition of K. Pattabhi Jois and Manju Jois, will provide practitioners of all levels with a great opportunity to experience or deepen their own practice of Ashtanga Yoga. This Workshop is appropriate for practitioners seeking to deepen their own Ashtanga Yoga practice and for those who are already sharing and teaching the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system.

This workshop Intensive is divided into several modules. The Modules are:

Complete workshop intensive program: Mysore and guided classes, 2.nd Series – and Adjustment – Workshop (recommended)

Yoga Mysore and Led Classes: Morning Mysore Style classes and evening guided classes on Monday, Thursday, Wednesday Friday & Sunday)

Workshop on second series and Adjustemnt workshop: weekends (Saturday & Sunday); The class on Friday evening is optional and included in the Workshop and optional to visit.

Dates – Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Events – Workshop and Classes :

  • Ashtanga Intensive (21.07 – 30.08.17)
  • Ashtanga Workshop – Adjustment (29.07 – 30.07.17)
  • Ashtanga Workshop -Second Series (22.07 -23.07.17)
  • Ashtanga course / Classes Mysore and guided (21.07 – 30.07.17)
    8 days Ashtanga Kurs Mysore (21.-30.08.17) and 4 Evening Led Introduction  – Monday, Thuesday, Wednesday, Friday (23.07.- 29.07.17)

Ashtanga Yoga Mysore and led classes timetable:

Mysore Class on Mo., Thue.,  Wed., Fr. & Sun.  (7.30 -09.15 Uhr, only So. 8.15 – 10 Uhr)

Led Class on Mo., Thue.,  Wed.,  Fr. : 18.00 -20.00 Uhr

Weekend Workshops on Second Series of Ashtanga and Adjustment timetable:

Ashtanga Second Series and Adjustment Workshop: SA. & SO (8.00 -13.00 Uhr)

Workshop (Intermediate Series) – Into Ashtanga Second Series

This introduction to the 2nd series (Nadi Shodana) is aimed at practitioners of
all skill-levels(i.e. beginners to advanced) and covers all of Ashtanga yoga’s
basic knowledge and the practice of the 1st series (Yoga Chikitsa) or part of
the first series. We thereby reach a deeper understanding of both the method
and the interplay of the two series. The 1st series strengthens the body and
forms the basis for the 2nd series, which will especially illuminate the
therapeutic aspects by it’s focus on backbends and twists . The spine is
stabilized and the nervous system is stimulated. We will get to know the
details of each exercise and it’s effects . We will thereby experience and enjoy
the aesthetic qualities and elegance of these fascinating asanas. Depending
on your skill-level we will practice various variations of the exercises.

Adjustment Workshop – Ashtanga Workshop on Adjustment principals

This workshop is aimed at Ashtanga beginners and advanced yoga
practitioners (all yoga backgroungs are welcome!) and provides guidance on
the precise needs of yoga asanas.

We will siscus the principls of the adjustment in context

  • By observing and deepening the Ashtanga basic rules
  • and by preparing backwards and forwards bending,
  • turning,
  • shoulder- head- and handstands,

we will gain more skills and confidence in the adjustment of other practitioners.

Modul Yoga Classes – Mysore and guided classes

Mysore Class

The aim of the Mysore style all skill-level classes is to deepen and develop your
independent/autonomous practice. Here is where the students are taught
individually in the group. Yoga beginner students are starting their practice and
experienced yoga practitioners will deepen their individual yoga practice of the
asanas (Ashtanga series, Krama yoga) & Pranayama.).

LED Class

In the evening guided Ashtanga led yoga classes we will get into the details of the
ashtanga yoga practice and we will explore the broader context of the Ashtanga
Yoga method. We will focus on essential elements of Yoga and discuss topics like
pranayama, chanting, meditation, yoga therapy, yoga methods and techniques.
Feel free to ask any questions!

About Natasa

Natasa is paying big attention to injuries and individual needs of students. Over a decade, her precise, playful and safe approach to teaching has helped and encouraged her students to find their own style of practice and adjustment – Natasa is authorized teacher in tradition of K. Pattabhi und Manju P. Jois, BA Dance and certified teacher in tradition of Krishnamacharya. Natasa  is aside from yoga physicsist and astronmer and science teacher.



Ashtanga Intensive – Workshops , morning Mysore and led evenings : 300 Euro / 235 Euro *
One Ashtanga Yoga Weekend Workshop: 95 euros ** / 75 Euro *
Ashtanga Mysore or out single unit: 17 Euro ** / 15 Euro *

During the period of the Ashtanga Yoga Intensiv Workshop  10 classes:  150 Euro** / 120 Euro*

* Reduction for students and job seekers
** Reduction valid AYV – Ashtangaworld Flat Rate card : 20 % to  workshops , the visit of the Mysore and Ashtanga led classes is  in the AYV- Ashtangaworld- flat-rate included.

Contact Natasa: jogasana@gmail.com or SMS/Call +43 664 508 15 18 16

Info Web: http://www.ashtangayogavienna.com/ | http://www.ashtangaworld.net/

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 Burggasse 106/4a, 1070 Vienna,
 Natasa Cvetkovic