Led Primary

Ashtanga Yoga Led Primary classes are open for all yoga students, practioners of all skill levels are welcome

The therapeutic aspects and one’s own embodiement will be felt immediately and the quality of life will improve no matter at which age you start practicing ashtange yoga!

In the led class the postures of the first Ashtanga Series (i.e. Yoga Chikitsa consisting of 75 yoga postures) and the breathing rythm are determined by the teacher. Breath is therby counted in classical sanskrit. The sequence of the excercises is prescribed as well.

Led Priamry Series of Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Series are infact one Series and interplay. Ashtanga Series consists of several different asana sequences which can be interpreted as an excercise sequence. So in the Led Primary class you follow the breathing, focus and asana counting of the teacher.

It is Important to follow the method under observation of the teacher, Ashtanga Method in short terms  – The transition from one asana to the next realized through the unity of breath, movement and focus is challenging and should be practiced. The experience of the so called “flow” is meditation. Attentiveness and concentration are very important when performing the excercises.

The most important Ashtanga Series are the Priamary Seriess (also called first Series) and the intermmediate Series (= second Series):

  • The first: Roga Chikitsa (Treatment of deseases, First or Main-series of Ashtanga Yoga)
  • The second: Nadi Shodana (Cleansing of the nerves, Second or Middle- Series)

Then there are further advanced Ashtanga Series:

  • Sthira Bhaga A (Third Series , divine steadiness) and B,C,D (Fourth, Fith, Sixth).


  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
monday Natasa Cvetkovic
tuesday Natasa Cvetkovic
wednesday 19:15 20:45 Natasa Cvetkovic
thursday Natasa Cvetkovic
friday 17:30 19:00 Natasa Cvetkovic
saturday Natasa Cvetkovic
sunday Natasa Cvetkovic

Teaching practice In her workshops and daily Ashtanga Yoga classes in Vienna Natasa welcomes students at any level, age and background. She focuses on enabling people to properly access their current status while encouraging and stabilizing their movements through breath. Over a decade her precise, playful and safe approach to teaching helped and encouraged her students to find their own